Wiseman Shelter Inc.

Our organization was created to address global problems and the problems associated with homelessness

Wiseman Shelter Inc.,

WSI is a mission-driven organization dedicated to addressing critical global challenges. At the forefront of our priorities is the urgent and necessary task of addressing homelessness—a profound human failing that demands immediate and assertive action.

Homelessness is not just a local issue; it is a global tragedy that affects every nation and every government. The repercussions of homelessness extend beyond individual distress, impacting societal structures and economic systems worldwide.

The costs of ignoring this crisis are immeasurable and potentially infinite. Yet, we at WSI believe that the costs of solving this problem are not beyond our reach. Through dedicated effort and collaborative solutions, we can effect significant, positive changes.

Together, we can forge a path towards a future where homelessness is not an accepted reality but a resolved issue. WSI is committed to leading this change, transforming our collective approach to this global challenge, and making a lasting impact.


We must and will solve these difficult problems now, to mitigate the tragedies we have seen and experienced.

At WSI, we welcome all like-minded individuals and organizations to participate with us in Capturing, Creating and Directing the solutions we collectively identify as urgent.

We can construct a tremendous impact on Global Problems, starting with homelessness.

At WSI, we have created strategies and the ability to have immediate and positive impact on the issues that effect us all.

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